Taller Wood Buildings Gain Ground Across Canada

When the 95.9 foot (29.25 metre) high 
$25 million Wood Innovation and Design Centre (WIDC) in downtown Prince George, BC was completed this fall, it instantly became the world’s tallest modern all-wood building. Although only six storeys, the WIDC’s high … Continued

U.S. has potential to become world’s largest market for P3 projects

A fall 2014 report from Moody’s Investors Service says the U.S. has strong potential to become the world’s largest market for P3 projects. The firm’s Global P3 Landscape report notes the sheer size of the country’s infrastructure and growing urban … Continued

BTY expansion into U.S. has only just begun

Five years ago BTY made what some might call a risky bet. It committed to entering the U.S. market by offering its services on P3 projects, and then a relative rarity there compared to the Canadian industry, and did so … Continued

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