Mobility is key for meeting rising labour demand

2015 will provide respite before competition for skilled trades ratchets up. Canada’s construction industry has been phenomenally successful. It has hired 600,000 new workers over the past 18 years–a growth rate of 86%. Now 
a record 1.3 million Canadians – … Continued

More people, more investment, more projects

The continuing flow of people to, and investment in Canada will help keep workloads stable in 2015. Investment to the energy sector in particular – hydro, oil and gas, and renewables – will combine with a steady stream of immigrants … Continued

BTY expansion into U.S. has only just begun

Five years ago BTY made what some might call a risky bet. It committed to entering the U.S. market by offering its services on P3 projects, and then a relative rarity there compared to the Canadian industry, and did so … Continued

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